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Upgrade Sales – Launch Your Own Online Store for Cloud Services

Who: Iaas, Hosting Providers, MSPs, Distributors, Telcos, SaaS

Products: Shop, Console, Manager, Catalog, Crawer

Customer Cases: Louhi, Prog-It


Did you know that currently over 60% of B2B purchasing decisions are made online prior to the buyer being in any contact with the service providers?

Outbound sales still play and important role in the ICT-services sector, but more and more service providers seem to be on the move at the wrong time. ICT competitive bidding is often done cyclically and solicitations are often done at the wrong time. On the other hand, especially with cloud and hosting services, new needs arise quickly and the search for solutions are carried out in the place where they are found easiest: online.

E-commerce has revolutionized many different industries business models and value chains. We at Pilvi believe that the ICT industry is next in line. Alongside “cloudification”, e-commerce is also changing the way ICT services are traded. Salespeople are still needed, but for salespeople to have work, service providers must first focus on raising its most efficient sales tool, its online presence.

We at Pilvi offer a solution for this. We have developed a unique e-commerce software, which is tailored for sale of cloud services. Pilvi Cloud Commerce Platform includes all the tools you need for setting up your online shop and for managing a continuing online business. In addition to purchasing, our solution also includes a user interface for centralized management of cloud services for end-customers, which increases the degree of customer self-service.


Technology Independence Opens Many Opportunities

Pilvi Cloud Commerce Platform enables the sale of a whole range of various hosting and cloud services online. Our platform supports the most common orchestration and virtualization technologies that allow the sale of capacity services, automated and online, all the way from provisioning to end customer service management. In addition to hosting services our RestAPI enables our platform to integrate very well with the workload automation of SaaS services. Whether it be IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, that you sell the Pilvi Cloud Commerce Platform is suitable for the construction of your e-commerce channel.

In addition to your own cloud services you can sell 3rd party cloud services through your e-commerce channel. The service catalog (Pilvi Catalog) contained in our platform, includes a growing number of popular cloud services for resale. Do not let your customers run away to global cloud services, instead, keep them by offering all cloud services while maintaining local support.

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What is Your Time-to-Market?

In a changing and ever-quickening competitive environment, the speed at which you get your product on the market becomes a central factor in competition. An extensive and at worst even several year –long information systems project may erode your intended end results and gains.

The Pilvi Cloud Commerce Platform provides a quick and agile way to set up your online store.  Through ready-made modules and tools you can focus the development of your e-commerce on relevant issues to your business, namely growth of online sales. Our agile development and delivery model is aimed at quick rapid launches, so the proceeds of sales through the online store begin as soon as possible.

Avoid CAPEX – Pay-as-you-Sell

Internal IT projects or traditionally acquired software are associated with larges investments, which slow down the launch of projects and increase risks. In addition costs and expenses are often difficult to predict, which creates challenges in budgeting.

The Pilvi Cloud Commerce Platform is an e-commerce solution which is offered as-a-service, to which the pricing is based on a flat monthly fee and the sales through the platform. Our unique pricing model unifies and brightens a single goal we share with our customers: we want to maximize your online sales. Delivered projects are planned and resourced with customers in advance so that all fixed costs remain manageable.

Launch your own cloud shop and gain these benefits

 Fast shopping

  • Allow customers to find information easily
  • Helps compare cloud products
  • Allows setup of cloud products instantly after purchase

Easy paying

  • Easily pay for purchases via Visa or Mastercard

Fully automated sales, setup and maintenance

  • We have fully automated the purchase, setup and maintenance

Easy scaling of sales

  • Scaling of Sales has never been this easy, just add products from the catalog to your marketplace and you are ready to go.

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