Upgrade Offering – Add 3rd Party Cloud Services to your Portfolio

Who: Iaas, Hosting Providers, MSPs, Distributors, Telcos, SaaS

Products: Store, Console, Manager, Catalog, Crawler

Customer Cases: Louhi, Prog-IT

Nearly 70% of SMBs would like one trusted partner to provide all the cloud services they need.

Instead of individual cloud services, IT-consumers are looking for service packages that can be purchased easily and from one place. On the other hand, consumers are also seeking local partners to support global cloud services and offer the services they need that global suppliers do not offer.  We at Pilvi see great business potential in this ICT-sector mega trend.

Pilvi Catalog is our web shop software containing a service catalog from which you can select new services alongside your own cloud offering. All services included in the Pilvi Catalog are integrated to our web shop platform so that all processes from ordering to delivery of services are automated. Our ever-expanding service catalog contains the most sought after cloud services for the technical and commercial IT-consumer alike.

Partner Ecosystem as a Competitive Advantage

As Customers seek a broader range of services from trusted partners the ICT-sectors ecosystems and alliances have become an important new competitive factor. Finding the best partners and sealing new partnerships is not always easy.

The Pilvi Catalog contains a large number of global as well as local IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services from different markets. All of the services in the catalog are integrated into the Pilvi web shop platform and partnership models with service providers have been defined. You can also integrate your partners catalog, and your entire offering will be available for purchase online by your customers.

Global Cloud – Local Support

The global cloud service market is growing at a 30-40% yearly rate. Scalability benefits make for very low prices and flexible procurement models to attract customers to by IT-services from the cloud. When services are bought and sought out on the internet, local IT service providers operate in the same market as the big players, which is why repositioning your business is necessary. We at Pilvi believe that instead of competition, cooperation can create the best possibilities for your future growth.

One of the hottest trends in the cloud industry is brokerage, when local providers deal cloud services to their customers, providing local support and added services that larger players do not offer. In addition to the technical service integrations contained in the Pilvi Catalog, we also offer a wide range of specialist skills and expert services to grow our customers cloud know-how. Significant business opportunities lie in value-added services as they related to cloud services, we want to position our customers to capitalize on these opportunities.

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