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Make your cloud services available on Pilvi Global Marketplace and gain new customers around the world.

Pilvi provides a global online marketplace for cloud and hosting services. The marketplace is open 24/7 at and it reaches a huge amount of users around the world. Take your offering global, next to the most admired of cloud services.
Pilvi Cloud Marketplace is the fastest and safest way to globalize the sale of your services. Pricing is based on a revenue sharing model and there are no fixed costs when integrating your services to The integration of new services  is simple: Pilvi Cloud Marketplace includes documented API that makes the integration process fast.
Online sales processes at are fully automated including billing and subscription management. Globalize your services today and see how becoming an automated online broker can bring you new customers!




Product Managment

Manage your product catalog easily: use campaigns, bundle products and adjust prices as you wish.

Customer Management
Customer Managment

Use Customer Management tools to administrate your own marketplace customers easily.


Stay tuned and manage your online sales with intelligent reporting tools.


Pilvi Marketplace API makes the service integrations easy and fast.


Interested in building your own cloud eShop? Check Pilvi Cloud Shop.
Read more and learn how Global Cloud Marketplace can bring you new customers.
Join Cloud Catalog and your service will be available on hundreds of online retailers.

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