Pilvi™ Store


Pilvi™ Store enables you to build a real online storefront for your hosting and cloud services. Instead of building everything yourself, let us launch your own shop just in a few days with Pilvi’s storefront engine.

Pilvi™ Store is provided through a full-service model. It is a 100% hosted online store which includes all the tools necessary for running an e-Commerce business. The cloud webshop is integrated into your own data-center which enables fully automated processes from ordering online to service provisioning.

In addition to your own hosting services, Pilvi’s platform enables you to start a brokerage business with the most marketable of cloud services such as Amazon Web Services. Our Pilvi™ Catalog includes ready-to-broker integrations into the leading cloud services that can be sold side by side with your own services.

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Pilvi™ Shop End-User Features


ratings and reviews purchase customer_support





Let customers easily search services and compare them to find the best-fitting solutions. Ratings enable your customers to get additional information for decision making. Empower customers to buy online and to configure all the services by themselves. The help-desk tools provide your customers a smooth support experience online.
Import Cloud Services mobile access security

Import Clouds

Mobile Access

Secure Cloud

Import your current cloud services Using Pilvi Cloud Transfer. Access shop anytime and anywhere with your mobile devices. Make secure payments with trusted payment providers and keep your cloud secure.


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