Pilvi™ Cloud Console


The Pilvi™ Console is a cloud product and service management tool for your customers, the end-users of your branded Pilvi™ Cloud Shop.

Pilvi Cloud Console allows users to monitor their cloud services functionality and spending in one place. It is an easy-to-use smart interface for all of a users’ cloud services. After you have purchased cloud services from Pilvi Marketplace or imported your current clouds through Pilvi Import, you can manage them all in one place.

You can use Pilvi Console alongside Pilvi Shop to provide self-service management interface for your own end-users. The other good option is to use Pilvi Console internally to manage your own cloud services centralised.
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Pilvi™ Console – Manage and Monitor Your Cloud


consolidated billing realtime cost management cost allocation

One Invoice

Real-Time Cost Analysis

Cost Allocation

Pilvi, consolidates cloud billing from multiple clouds. Instead of using credit cards and getting vouchers from several cloud service providers with Pilvi you may pay your services in a single place. Pilvi centralizes the cost monitoring of cloud services. Take an overview of your cloud costs at a glance or use reports to analyze your cloud ecosystem in terms of cost optimization. Use Tags and Service Groups to create cost centers for projects, teams or customers. Pilvi Cost Allocation improves the cloud cost budgeting and makes your cloud ecosystem measurable.


Single Control Panel timed functions automated config user management

Single Control Panel

Timed Functions

Automate Clouds

User Management

Take control of your multiple clouds in a single interface. Pilvi monitors your clouds 24/7 and visualized monitors helps you to locate the appeared problems. Pilvi provides features to avoid manual work for simple and repetitive tasks. Use Timing to turn off your virtual servers or back up your data at desired times. Pilvi enables cloud configurations to non-technical users by automating configurations into one click. Scale your cloud or add backup easily. Pilvi User Control enables managing the rights and permissions of individual users or service groups. Use Pilvi to give purchasing rights to users by defining budgets.


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