Pilvi™ Cloud Shop – Product Overview


Pilvi™ Cloud Shop is a cloud service marketplace and management platform that enables hosting service providers to upgrade their online sales channel for their own hosting services and start reselling global cloud services.

Use individual components like Pilvi™ Store just for creating your online store front, Pilvi™ Manager for managing your current hosting and cloud services or Pilvi™ Catalog for ready integrations to service providers, top hosting technologies and public cloud services.


Creating your own branded online store for your own and selected other ready-integrated services means creating a customized front-end for your users with Shop and Console, integrating the Manager for your back office and using Catalog for add-on services to your store.

Read more about what you can do with Pilvi™ Cloud Shop or contact us if you want to find out how simple and fast it is to get Pilvi™ up and running.


Pilvi for Hosting Providers and Cloud Brokers

Pilvi™ Cloud Shop and Console are online services for end-users. Pilvi™ Shop is a fully customizable online store through which users can order hosting and cloud services that the service provider has chosen and put up for sale. Customers can manage hosting and cloud services that they have ordered through the Pilvi™ Console.

Pilvi Console

Pilvi™ Store

Pilvi™ Console

Combine, Configure, Buy and Launch – The easiest and fastest way to purchase hosting and cloud services from selected providers.Read more » Upgrade, Modify, Add and Terminate – Manage all your hosting and cloud services in one place.Read more »


Pilvi™ Cloud Manager and Catalog are services where you as a merchant operate your store and your customers. Pilvi™ Manager is the back-end for your store, Pilvi™ Catalog is where you select products for your store. It’s also possible to integrate Pilvi™ Shop to your current back-end and integrate your own hosting services to Pilvi™ Catalog.

Pilvi Manager Pilvi Catalog

Pilvi™ Manager

Pilvi™ Catalog

Managing your store and customers has never ever been so easy. Through use of the Manager a service provider can modify their own online store, promote their products and manage their customers.Read more » Select services for your store. Catalog is our product portfolio tool for the Shop. The Catalog contains numerous ready integrated IaaS, Paas and SaaS- services from various local and global service providers.Read more »


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