Pilvi Services Overview


We have an highly experienced team behind the Pilvi Cloud Commerce Platform. In co-operation with our partners, we want to share our experience and help our customers to succeed with private, hybrid and global cloud services.

We have divided our services in to three different categories based on your current cloud service usage. Starters – If you are interested in cloud but not yet using, Advanced – if you need help on migrating a specific software or environment to cloud or Professional – if you want to optimize or manage your cloud more efficiently.

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Service categories


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Cloud basics

Get in to the Cloud

Optimize and manage

Starters – We’ll tell you the differences and the advantages of different cloud services and create with you a strategy towards cloud services based on your need.

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Advanced – We’ll analyse your IT services and deepen your knowledge, choose the right private, hybrid or public clouds and help you with the migration.

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Professionals – We’ll help you to optimize your cloud to save your resources, money and time. We provide SLA and support for your cloud.

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Our Partners




Our Experience in hosting, cloud and e-commerce has helped us on creating a strong partner network. Above you can find a few of them including Amazon Web Services, IBM Softlayer, Google cPanel and VMware. In addition we work in co-operation with many other cloud service and technology providers.


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